The experience of the perfect almond as perfect as nature, right from its origin.

Amêndoa Inteira Natural
Amêndoa Alecrim e Sal
Amêndoa Mel e Sal Marinho

Our Perfect Almonds

Trilha da Amêndoa

Almond Trail

The premium quality of our almonds is the result of the care we take every day with the soil, water, energy, biodiversity and organic resources. In every stage of Vera Almond's path there is a footprint of sustainable commitment and strict control. That is the only way for us to guarantee high-quality almonds today and for future generations. That's what makes our almonds perfect.

Escolha das plantas

Choice of plants

All our almonds are selected with respect for health criteria and plant quality;

Preparo do solo

Soil preparation

We plant our trees in rich, high-quality organic earth; our soils undergo constant analysis, guaranteeing the ideal nutrition for excellent productivity;

Cuidado diário com as amendoeiras

Daily care for our almond trees

We have over 40 employees who check our trees every day and monitor each new fruit that buds;

Colheita perfeita

Perfect harvest

It’s time to harvest our perfect almonds! On average, we need 45 days to conclude the harvesting process, complying with every food health and safety standard;



After being harvested, our almonds are shelled and flavoured, to reach your table with the quality and freshness that only the producer can offer;

Escolha das plantas

From our field to your table

Vera Almond almonds are packed and distributed promptly to ensure their naturalness, flavour, refinement and originality.

Regenerative Agriculture

Why is it better for you and the environment?

Regenerative agriculture is one of the most beneficial farming techniques to improve our environment.

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