Why is it better for you and the environment?

It is a form of agriculture that focuses on restoring, rebuilding and regenerating the health of the soil, increasing biodiversity, improving the services of the ecosystem and improving water cycle dynamics.

Mantem, sustenta, melhora e restaura nosso ecossistema.

Maintain, sustain, improve and restore our ecosystem

Temos uma área de investigação focada em melhorar as nossas práticas para nos tornarmos uma referência em Práticas de Agricultura Regenerativa de Amêndoas.

We have a research area focused on improving our practices so that we can become a benchmark in Almond Regenerative Agricultural Practices

Utilizamos a tecnologia para inovar no campo e permitir que nossas práticas regenerativas sejam implementadas e acompanhadas.

We use technology to innovate in the field and enable our regenerative practices to be implemented and monitored.

Cultivo Regenerativo

Regenerative Agriculture

These are just a few of the benefits that regenerative agriculture provides. By seeking ways of improving our food system and being more sustainable, regenerative agriculture has the answer: it helps to cure the land, while at the same time supplying us with nutritious food.

If we want to create a more sustainable future for ourselves and our children, it is important to learn more about regenerative practices and how we can incorporate them in our lives.

Vera Almond almonds are fruit of that path to regenerate the environment and the world.

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Nature is our home

Without environmental conservation there is no growth. We are committed to efficiently managing all resources and place our daily care for the soil, water, energy, biodiversity and organic resources at the heart of our strategy.

Our sustainability actions are recognised through rigorous certifications of the highest standard.

Global G.A.P – GGN: 4063061907080

Spring – Sustainable water management

Integrated Production – Sustainable production method

LEAF –obtained by companies who do business in accordance with stringent sustainable farming practices.

The objective of the certifications is to achieve prosperous farming with a positive impact on the environment and the surrounding local communities.


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