Sweet Line

Almonds with Honey and 5 Spices

Artisanally, we incorporate sugar, honey, cinnamon, anise, fennel, cloves, pepper, sea salt - 100% natural ingredients - because we don't need anything beyond what nature provides us.

Product description

Sweet and irresistible, Vera Almond almonds from the Sweet line were created using blends, enabling the best characteristics of these special nuts to be combined with natural seasoning and spices.

They are ideal for sharing and tasting on happy occasions.

Choose the perfect almond. Chose Vera Almond.

Product Specifications

  • Origin: Portugal – Beira Interior
  • Portugal Variety: Soleta
  • Ingredients: Almonds, sugar, honey, cinnamon, aniseed, fennel, clove, piment, sea salt.

Try the perfect almond that tastes of nature!


Nutrition declaration

Per 00g
ENERGY 2327 kJ / 560 kcal **
FAT 39 g **
of which saturates 9,82 g **
of which sugars 31,4 g **
FIBRE 7,7 g **
PROTEIN 16 g **
SALT 0,259 g **

The almonds from this range were harvested in September 2023. They are absolutely perfectly fresh!


Almonds with Honey and 5 Spices are ideal for sharing! They represent happy times with friends! Invite your buddies over and offer them this tasty snack!


The Mediterranean variety that we chose for the Sweet line is Soleta. It is crispy and with a smooth flavour, more elongated and ideal for tasty snacks.

Benefits of Almonds with Honey and 5 Spices

Almonds are rich in fibre, good fat, vitamin E, manganese and magnesium. In addition, they also contain a good amount of vitamin B2 (Riboflavin), phosphorous and iron.

The almonds from Vera Almond’s Sweet line are healthy and contain 100% natural ingredients. Eating almonds helps to prevent cancer, minimise the chances of a heart attack and other heart diseases, reduces high blood pressure and provides energy and satiety.

The ideal quantity of almonds to eat is around 30 g to 40 g every day. They’re not only very nutritious, but equally delicious.

Benefícios da Amêndoa com Mel e Sal Marinho

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